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Greetings from “Knife”! We are a team of knife enthusiasts who have come together to offer a wide selection of high-quality knives at competitive prices.

Our Mission 

In short, our mission is simple: to deliver the highest quality knives and customer service to our customers. Because we realize it is difficult to find the right knife for every need and budget, thus, we are here to offer a wide array of options to meet your needs.

To ensure quality and craftsmanship, all the knives we selected for our detailed and researched articles have been carefully sourced from top manufacturers around the world. 

There is something for everyone in our knife collection, ranging from pocket knives and chef’s knives to tactical and hunting knife reviews or comparisons.

Goal of Knife flow

Our goal is to ensure that our customers have a positive shopping experience. Feel free to contact us if you have questions or would like assistance in finding the perfect knife for you. It would be our pleasure to assist you.

We appreciate you visiting our website. Please let us know what type of knife you are looking for, and we will help you find it!

Our Team

Like all other corporations, we are also composed of 3 main team members with the responsibility of handling multiple tasks. The main person to handle the work on this website is 

Meet with Abdullah Shahbaz Khan- Owner at

Abdullah Shahbaz Khan is the owner and founder of He is a content writer and blogger with an experience of 5 years. The main reason he created this site he loves to explore about knives 

Additionally, he writes most of the articles on this website to share his knowledge of knives.

Other Team Members: 

Moreover, the other team members are the co-founders of this amazing website. Rafeh Malik is the main content writer and creates numerous writing patterns along with the help of our SEO expert Mark Rose from England who has been helping us for about 5 years now.

Our Surety 

We are totally sure that our vast experience in this field will help us greatly to generate high-quality informative content that all types of users will surely find useful.

However, if you still want to learn more about us, make sure to contact us any time on the given emails.