Arizona Knife Laws – Major Laws You Need To Know

arizona knife laws

In Arizona, you can carry or conceal different types of EDC knives regardless of their size, weight, and features. This state has no strict rules & regulations for adults in terms of concealing weapons in public and federal places for safety purposes.

Therefore, No weapon-carrying limitations would be applied in case you are a 21-year-old + adult with a proper knife-carrying license. Nevertheless, if you are under 21, then you are prohibited from carrying or concealing any knife other than the pocket knives. 

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Are Switchblades Legal in Arizona (Arizona Butterfly Knife Laws)?

Yes! Switchblades are considered legal in Arizona, just like its neighboring state Colorado’s knife laws. However, such rules & regulations are limited to a certain age. As in Arizona, you must be 21+ to carry switchblades and even own them in your house.

Moreover, these same rules follow for pocket knives, gravity, Butterfly, and other OTF knives. All Automatic knives are considered legal here in Arizona other than the Military Ballistic knives which are pretty dangerous & can easily harm anyone accidentally.

Arizona Knife Laws For Minors?

No, Minors are not allowed to carry or conceal any type of Automatic knives such as switchblades, Butterfly, and even other OTF knives. They must be 21+ to carry or conceal such weapons for their safety purposes. No doubt, they are allowed to carry pepper sprays in case they do not feel secure and are looking to advance their safety measures.

Moreover, they are allowed to carry pocket knives openly. Concealing such weapons in schools, restaurants, and other public places will cause them trouble. Thus, according to Arizona laws, they might be charged with fines & a night behind bars as well. Here, check out the law portals & their details in Arizona.

Relevant Statutes– 13-3101. Definitions – 13-3102. Misconduct involving weapons; defenses; classification; definitions – 13-3102.01. Storage of deadly weapons; definitions – 13-3120. Knives regulated by state; state preemption
Prohibited KnivesNone
Concealed Carry– Individuals 21 or older may carry deadly weapons concealed on the person or in a vehicle, except when in furtherance of a serious or violent offense. – Persons under 21 may carry a pocketknife concealed on the person or in a vehicle. – Duty of disclosure for concealed weapons.
Restrictions on Sale/TransferIt is an offense to sell or transfer a “deadly weapon” to a “prohibited person” as defined in § 13-3101.
Restrictions on Carry Locations– Restricted locations for possession include private and public schools (K-12), polling places on election days, and hydroelectric or nuclear power generating facilities.
Statewide PreemptionYes, § 13-3120.
Deadly Weapon / Pocketknife– A pocketknife is not considered a deadly weapon under certain circumstances. – Arizona does not provide specific blade length restrictions for folding knives.
Concealment– Duty to accurately answer about concealed weapons when contacted by law enforcement officers during traffic stops or investigatory stops.
Consequences– Carrying a concealed deadly weapon for a person under 21 is a Class 3 misdemeanor (up to 30 days confinement and a fine of up to $500). – Failure to accurately answer about possession of a deadly weapon when questioned by law enforcement is a Class 1 misdemeanor (up to 6 months confinement and a fine of up to $2,500). – Violations in restricted locations are also Class 1 misdemeanors.
ExemptionsSome restrictions do not apply to peace officers, corrections officers, and U.S. or state military members acting in official capacities (§ 13-3102 C).

What Size Knife is Legal in Arizona (Are Brass Knuckles Legal in Arizona)?

What Size Knife is Legal in Arizona?

As mentioned above, there is no restriction on the size, weight, and blade length of knives in Arizona. As a result, you can easily carry or conceal them wherever you want when you want but with a certain condition of age limitation just like the Rules of Knives in Maryland for concealing different weapons.

You must be 21+ with a specific knife-carrying permit. Having no permit would not cause problems, but it makes sure that you are carrying legal weapons that follow the same Arizona sword laws.

General Knife & Other Weapon Carrying Laws – Legality Status:

Weapon TypeLegality in Arizona
Pocket KnivesGenerally Legal. Pocket knives are not considered deadly weapons under certain circumstances.
Fixed-blade knivesLegal to carry openly or concealed for individuals over 21. Concealed carry restrictions may apply to those under 21.
Automatic KnivesLegal to possess and carry for individuals over 21. Concealed carry restrictions may apply to those under 21.
Butterfly KnivesGenerally Legal.
Ballistic KnivesGenerally illegal. Possession or use of ballistic knives is prohibited.
SwitchbladesLegal to possess and carry for individuals over 21. Concealed carry restrictions may apply to those under 21.
Brass KnucklesGenerally legal for possession but may be illegal to carry concealed.
Throwing StarsGenerally legal for possession but may be illegal to carry concealed.
Blackjacks/SapsGenerally legal for possession but may be illegal to carry concealed.
Stun Guns/TasersGenerally legal for possession and carry by individuals over 18.
FirearmsSubject to separate laws, including concealed carry permits.

Knife Laws of States Around Arizona:

Arizona has generally derived its laws from its fellow states such as California and Nevada. Here check out their limitations and legality.

1. California Knife laws

According to California knife rules, you are only allowed to carry knives openly that have a blade length of 2 Inches. Moreover, you can not conceal them in public and federal places. You are banned from violating such rules or otherwise, you’ll face major problems.

2. Nevada Knife Laws

In Nevada, all knives under the blade length of 4 Inches are considered legal. You are allowed to carry and conceal such knives anywhere you want. So, be sure to learn all their limitations and other aspects before you try to pick one out & violate the rules.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What size pocket knife is legal in Arizona?

In Arizona, you are not restricted from using any size of knives. However, the law portals do suggest that keeping a pocket knife under 4 Inches would do just fine. As it is easy to handle & won’t get you into any trouble.

How many knives can you carry in Arizona?

You are not limited to carrying any certain number of knives here in Arizona. However, if you are caught with numerous numbers then the authorities would ask you questions about such acts and why you think such knives are legal to sell or transfer.

Can you carry a katana in Arizona?

Yes, but you must be 21 years old to carry Katana in Arizona. It is your will whether you’d like to keep it in your house or carry it openly for safety and other purposes.

Closing Things Up:

Arizona knife laws allow you to carry all types of knives automatic knives such as Switchblades or gravity knives are pocket knives. However, one thing in common between them is that you must be 21 years+ to carry or conceal them anywhere in this state along with a proper paperwork permit such as a CCW license.

Nevertheless, Ballistic knives are still banned for adults. While talking about teens, they can only carry pocket knives which they are banned from concealing in places like schools and other children areas. So, be sure to know the importance of such laws & remember that violating such rules would get you high charges and other penalties.


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