Benchmade 755 Knife|Updated Review With Features

Introducing the Benchmade 755, a blade that strikes with a mystique that leaves all others in its shadow. When you hold it in your hand, you can feel the power and precision coursing through its veins, whispering tales of adventure and danger. Its enigmatic design and impeccable craftsmanship beckon you to uncover its hidden secrets.

Moreover, Brace yourself for a knife that transcends ordinary boundaries, ready to accompany you on thrilling journeys where only the boldest dare to tread. Experience the unparalleled allure of the Benchmade 755, the ultimate companion for the daring souls—the bone collector’s masterpiece.

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Features & Functions – Benchmade 755 Review:

Here are some of the significant features and functions of these special Benchmade knife products that you must know about. So, be sure to read all about them through this specific article for accurate output results and to purchase the perfect-quality knife.

1. Blade Quality

Starting with some common features, the Benchmade 755 is a formidable special blade made from stainless steel that is rust & corrosion free. Therefore, I loved purchasing this knife as it was made to last for a longer time and support users in all actions. Moreover, it has a sharp drop-point tip, accurate edges, and perfect tearing ability.

As a result, it would support you in all indoor and outdoor kitchens and other purposes. I have even used this knife for hiking as well. The length of this blade is not common and it changes according to its different models. Nevertheless, you can choose such a size according to your preference and versatility.

2. Handle Material

Secondly, let’s discuss the specific handle materials on this list. I was pretty impressed to learn that their handles support users both aesthetically & functionally. They include the use of G10 Carbon fiber in the manufacture and support of users in performing numerous activities with pace, accuracy, and efficiency.

The texture of such handles allows proper grips even in sweaty and other wet conditions. Moreover, it provides a proper and comfortable grip for all users. Thus, allowing them to use such knives for long-term actions without getting any damage or fatigue.

3. Axis Locking System

Well, another amazing spec in such knives is that they can be used as pocket knives. Therefore, Benchmade has installed an exceptional Axis Locking mechanism in these knives that allow them to lock their blades perfectly at a specific place without letting them be lost to cut or damage users.

For me, such a system is also pretty same to the other systems in Benchmade Sibert m390 knives. Therefore, I did trust it and it paid me off well. Thus, I would recommend you choose this knife in case you are looking for a secure & sharp product for safety purposes.

4. Blade Deployment

Thanks to the incredible & versatile ambidextrous thumb studs or flipper mechanism, the deployment feature in this knife has no match. As this specific feature allows the blades to deploy at a rapid speed from the lock systems just with a help of a small button. Well, for me, it was pretty interesting in terms of both actions and functions.

Therefore, I would consider it to be the best for survival and other outdoor purposes. Especially in dangerous conditions and to prevent attacks on animals. So, make sure to give this special knife a quick try and check out its incredible features.

5. Blade Coatings

Well, how can I forget to share the amazing blade coating feature of this knife? No doubt, it is one of the main reasons I bought this product. After its composition, a thick covering is applied on such blades with a special satin finish to make it more strong and more accurate.

In addition, these specific black blade coatings allow such knives to be more aesthetic, shiny, and efficient for multiple functions. This coating allows prevents such blades from scratches and other wear. As a result, it allows such knives to last longer and maintain their efficiency that doesn’t decrease with time.

6. Pocket Knife

Since we know that this knife is made from premium-quality materials that allow them to be used as a pocket knife as well. Therefore, these knife products act as reversible pocket knives that can easily be carried from one to certain another places with accuracy.

Moreover, this micro pocket rocket pocket knife contains a specific lanyard hole in them. This allows them to be held with keychains and other things preventing them to be misplaced. So, isn’t that amazing in terms of features as well as functions?


  • Involves rust-free stainless steel.
  • Uses an exceptional Axis locking system.
  • Includes comfortable gripped handles.
  • It has easy deployment actions for rapid response.
  • Involves durable construction.


  • Pretty expensive.
  • Limited blade length.

Buying Guide – Benchmade 755 Review:

Here are some of the significant features that you must know before purchasing these knives. I have shared all of them in detail in the above headings. However, here you can easily read them briefly for easy actions.

  • Blade Length & Design: Consider your specific needs and determine whether the Benchmade 755’s & Benchmade 756’s blade length and drop-point design meet them.
  • Handle Material: You can choose among G10 or carbon fiber handles for the Benchmade 755, depending on your preferences for grip, durability, and aesthetic appeal.
  • Locking Mechanism: The Axis Lock system is a standout feature of the Benchmade 755. This type of locking mechanism should be easy to use and reliable for you to be comfortable with it.
  • Additional Features: Take note of the unique features offered by the Benchmade 755, such as the reversible pocket clip and blade finish options. Assess if these features align with your preferences and intended use.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is the Benchmade 755 a good knife for outdoor activities like camping and hiking?

Absolutely! Outdoor enthusiasts will appreciate the Benchmade 755’s design. Due to its durable construction, reliable locking mechanism, and versatile blade, it is an excellent choice for a variety of outdoor tasks.

Can the Benchmade 755 be easily opened with one hand?

Through this Benchmade 755 review, one-handed blade deployment is enabled by either ambidextrous thumb studs or a flipper mechanism on the Benchmade 755. The knife is highly accessible in situations where you need it quickly.

What is the significance of the Axis Lock system on the Benchmade 755?

Benchmade knives are patented with the Axis Lock locking mechanism. It ensures safety during use with a secure blade lockup. A favorite among knife lovers, it offers smooth operation and one-handed closure.

Does the Benchmade 755 come with a pocket clip?

A reversible pocket clip is included in the Benchmade 755. No matter which hand you prefer, you can carry it conveniently and securely. Pocket clips keep knives safe and easily accessible when you need them, but secure them when not in use.

Final Verdict:

As a result of its superior blade, secure locking mechanism, and comfortable handle, the Benchmade 755 ranks as one of the best knives available today. The high price of this product is justified by its durability and precision, despite its higher price.

Moreover, This product is designed to be ambidextrous and has additional features that make it a useful choice for both right-handed and left-handed individuals. In the end, You will not be disappointed with the Benchmade 755, the Bone Collector if you value quality craftsmanship and performance.


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