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Prepare to enter a world where precision meets untamed power. Introducing the Benchmade Bone Collector, a legendary companion crafted for those who seek the ultimate edge. This knife, also called the Benchmade 3300BK, embodies the essence of anticipation and allure, captivating all who dare to hold it.

Just like Benchmade Anthem, Its uncompromising performance and formidable design make the Benchmade Bone Collector one of the most impressive knives on the market. Therefore, make sure to read all its amazing features and versatile functions that I have shared below.

Features & Functions Review of Benchmade Bone Collector:

Here are some of the major features and functions of this knife that provides numerous benefits to users because of its incredible specs. I have shared all of them in the below lines, so you can easily read them and know about my experience of using such products.

1. Knife Blade

The blade used in constructing this special knife product is the ultimate stainless steel. This specific steel is rust and corrosion free which makes it an incredible product that lasts for a long time. Moreover, talking about the blade length, this knife’s blade is about 3-3.5 inches with incredible sharpness for versatile cuts and other uses.

2. Assisted Opening

Well, this feature impressed me greatly because it was not that much versatile in all other Benchmade knives. However, its locking system was pretty much the same as all other knives, but, the opening system was quite different. I just have to click on a simple button for rapid and accurate blade deployment for multiple actions.

3. Knife Handle

Talking about the handle of this special knife, it is ergonomically designed. Moreover, both Benchmade Bone Collector 15030 & 15050 also have similar design made from G10 & other textured materials.

Moreover, the grip on such handles provides a comfortable grip that absorbs sweat and prevents the knife from slipping during all regular actions. Also, explore our article on Benchmade 755 if you’re interested.

4. Weight & Size

In terms of weight, this special knife is pretty lightweight and quite easy to handle. As it weighs about 3-4 ounces. Moreover, due to this small weight, all users can easily manage such products and use them for multiple purposes. However, talking about the size, this knife ranges about 7-8 inches and allows proper usage for multiple tasks.

5. Pocket Knife

Next on the list of such amazing features, this knife also acts as a pocket knife. Therefore, it is pretty simple to carry & transfer this knife from one to certain other places. Moreover, it does include the use of a discrete hole in the handle that allows easy carrying of such knife products preventing them to be lost.

6. Knife Design

Talking about the blade design, this incredible and versatile knife is made in tanto and drop-point shape with sharp tips and accurately designed edges. Therefore, it is pretty simple to use such knives for cutting different materials. Moreover, these blades are also coated with other materials with a black finish that makes such knives more accurate and efficient products for multiple activities.

7. Locking Mechanism

Just like a fast deployment system, this knife also includes the use of a highly accurate and secure locking system. You just have to readjust the blade in its regular position by pushing it a little back. Then, the blade will be held by this special system permanently in its place that can’t be changed until you press the deployment button.


  • Swift assisted opening
  • Secure and comfortable grip
  • Reliable Axis Lock system
  • Durable construction materials
  • Versatile blade design


  • The relatively higher price point
  • Limited color options
  • Some users may find the blade size less suitable for larger tasks
  • Not suitable for left-handed users (right-hand bias)

Buying Guide – Benchmade Bone Collector Review:

Benchmade’s 3300BK (Bone Collector) knife has many unique features you should consider when purchasing. To guide you, here’s a buying guide:

  • Axis Lock System: Benchmade’s 3300BK uses the reliable Axis Lock mechanism to secure blade retention. Safe and easy operation is ensured. Check the Axis Lock’s smoothness and functionality.
  • Ergonomics and Comfort: Consider ergonomics and ensure the handle fits comfortably. To ensure precision and control, the grip should be secure and comfortable.
  • Overall Quality and Craftsmanship: The Benchmade brand is renowned for its craftsmanship. Make sure there are no quality issues or construction inconsistencies.
  • Warranty and Customer Support: Make sure Benchmade offers a warranty and customer support. As a result, you’ll have peace of mind if there are any issues or defects.
  • Price: Benchmade 3300BK knives are fairly high-end, reflecting their high quality. Take into account the knife’s unique features, performance, and durability when setting a budget.
  • Personal Preference: Take into account your preferences and intended use before selecting a knife. Various factors should be considered, such as aesthetics, weight, and additional features.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why is Benchmade so expensive?

Are they worth the price? Benchmade knives are expensive because they use high-quality materials. And high-quality materials are expensive. So if you want a good knife, you have to pay more money.

Is Benchmade made in the USA?

To this day, the proudly American-bred Benchmade brand continues to focus on innovation, custom needs, responsible business ethics, and operations to bring the highest quality products to the world’s elite.

Is the Benchmade 3300BK suitable for left-handed users?

It is not important, however, that left-handed individuals are not as likely to find it convenient to use the Benchmade 3300BK since it has a bias towards right-handed use.

Can the blade of the Benchmade 3300BK be easily sharpened?

There is no doubt that the stainless steel blade of the Benchmade 3300BK is well known for its sharpening capability, giving ease of maintenance and allowing the blade to be sharpened whenever needed.

Does the Benchmade 3300BK come with a pocket clip for easy carrying?

Benchmade 3300BK or Bone Collector knives often come with a reversible pocket clip, which provides a convenient and secure method of securing the knife in your pocket or gear when you are not using it.

Final Verdict:

Benchmade’s 3300BK (Bone Collector) knife combines an impressive feature set with dependable performance. It is well-suited for various cutting tasks and demanding environments due to its quick assisted opening, secure grip, and durable construction.

Moreover, The Axis Lock system provides reliable blade retention, while the versatile design of the blades caters to a variety of user preferences. For those seeking a high-performance knife, the Benchmade 3300BK is a worthwhile investment, despite its higher price and incompatibility with left-handed users.


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