What Is Guardian Knife?|6 Types, Uses, Features, & History

Guardian knives are the special knife types used mainly for outdoor purposes and are well known for their incredible durability, versatility, and ruggedness. These knives are used for multiple tasks like hunting, fishing, camping, and even fighting.

Here in this article, we’ll discuss a brief history of these knives along with their major features, uses, and types. If you want to gain accurate information about these knives, you should read the article from beginning to end.

History of Guardian Knives:

These special and versatile guardian knives first originated back in the 20th century mainly for combat purposes. Nevertheless, The knives can also be used for defensive purposes when hiking in addition to hunting, fishing, and cooking.

However, over time, these guardian tactical knives also known as the heat treating knives emerged as hunting and fishing knives and were mainly used for outdoor tasks in the late 1950s.

Nowadays, they have multiple roles to play in numerous fields. They are now produced at their highest rate and come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and features.

Features of Guardian Knives:

Talking about the features of these knives, the main manufacturer of such knives includes the use of multiple high-quality materials. Therefore, make sure to read all about these incredible features and their factors till the end.

1. High-Quality Steel

All the guardian knives for sale are made from the fines-quality steel materials ever produced in the world. It might include the use of metals like aluminum, steel, silver, and titanium, along with carbon components. Therefore, these knives can easily stand can corrosive conditions without being torn away.

2. Full-Tang Construction

These knives come with a full-tang construction, especially the Bradford Guardian knives. As their blade extends throughout their handle to the grip area. As a result, these knives are well-balanced, strong, reliable, and quite easy to use.

3. Easy Grip

Using these knives, we have found their easy and comfortable grip to be one of the best features. It is up to you what material would you like to use to create the perfect quality grip for these knives. As it would easily increase your grip on their handle by absorbing the sweat and reducing the slipping mechanism.

4. Sharpness & Durability

Like all other high-quality knives, these knives are also pretty famous for their razor-sharp blades that can be used for chopping, mincing, and cutting multiple materials. Moreover, these knives are also quite durable as their blades are thick, strong, and rust-free.

Uses of Guardian Knives:

After reading about the exceptional features of these special and versatile knives, you might have concluded their major uses. These knives are useful in a wide range of activities, and here is a summary of how and when to use them.

  • Easy for hunting, dressing, skinning, & quartering gaming purposes.
  • Best for filleting and removing the fish scales.
  • Good for making shelters & food in hiking and camping regions.
  • Simple item to be carried as an everyday accessory.
  • Easy to be used for military tasks and activities.

6 Famous Types of Guardian Knives:

In the end, we have concluded some of the best and most popular types of these knives. But, it is important to know that their features and functions do change greatly depending on the tasks they can perform.

1. Guardian Tactical Helix

This is a folding knife that features a carbon fiber handle and a blade made from high-quality steel. It is a popular choice for everyday carry due to its durability & versatility. It mostly includes the Guardian knives out, out 2, and out of glass onion versions.

2. Guardian Tactical Recon

Full-tang construction and high-quality steel blade make this fixed-blade knife stand out. It’s a popular choice for hunting and outdoor activities and is known for its sharpness and durability, it includes recon 035 & 040 as the major models.

3. Guardian Tactical Delta

This is a folding knife that features a titanium handle and a blade made from high-quality steel. It’s a popular choice for tactical and military use and is known for its strength and reliability just like the Gerber & OTF guardian knives.

4. Guardian Tactical Helix Combat

This is a fixed-blade knife that features a full-tang construction and a blade made from high-quality steel. It’s a popular choice for combat and tactical situations and is known for its toughness and versatility.

5. Guardian Tactical LEO

A folding knife designed specifically for law enforcement. It features durable construction and a sharp, sturdy blade that can handle a variety of tasks.

6. Guardian Tactical Helix Rescue

This is a folding knife that is designed for search and rescue operations. It features a serrated blade and a glass breaker, making it a valuable tool for emergencies.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Where are Guardian knives made?

Guardian knives Tactical products are proudly made in the USA by skilled machinists and assembly technicians in our state-of-the-art facility.

How long is a Bradford Guardian 3?

The knife is 6.5 inches overall with a 3-inch cutting edge and is available in over 300 buildable combinations.

Who makes HK OTF knives?

Some of the best automatic knives available are H&K (Heckler & Koch) OTFs. It is exclusively Hogue Knives that manufactures all of these OTF knives.

Final Verdict:

The guardian knives are amazing special knife types mainly used for multiple outdoor purposes. These knives are considered the best choices for all hunting, fishing, kitchen, defensive, and hiking activities.

They are made from high-quality steel and allow the users to control them with their strong grip and exceptional body & blade design. Moreover, they have many types in which the most famous ones have been explained in this specific article. So, make sure to buy and use these amazing and compact knives as soon as possible for the best outcomes.


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