Kershaw BareKnuckle |Major 5 Features You Need To Know

The Kershaw BareKnuckle is a special knife that has no limitations in terms of showing its amazing and versatile raw powers. This knife is well known for its sleek design, powerful body composition, and strong or reckoning steel blade which allows it to be used easily for both indoor and outdoor activities.

In this article, I’ll be sharing my review of this amazing knife product by explaining its features and functions. Therefore, It would be best for you to read this specific article till the end for accurate results. Moreover, don’t forget to check out this article about Kershaw vs benchmade for all details.

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5 Major Kershaw Bare knuckle Features:

Here are the main features that I have concluded after buying this special knife. Make sure to read all about them till the end and then purchase these amazing knife products.

1. Flipper Design

Let’s kick off things with one of the most basic features of these Kershaw Bare Knuckle Review knives known as their design. They include the use of flipper designs for their actions that allows them to deploy at a faster rate by using only a single hand,

This flipper is present at the back of such knives. Once it is pushed, the blades open quickly without putting any major pressure. Therefore, its incredible body design allows the users to easily control such knives and perform a variety of versatile actions.

2. Sub-Frame Lock

Talking about all famous Kershaw Knives such as 20CV, 7777, M390, 7777 CPM-20CV, Green, Damascus, Scales, Blackout, 7777OLBW, and other discontinued options, all of them have the same Sub-Frame lock installed in them. This special mechanism locks the knife blade in its place at a certain angle.

Moreover, this lock composition includes the use of light-quality materials which as a result keeps the knife low weight and easy to carry. I was greatly impressed by this feature as it helped me to manage this versatile knife without getting injured by its sharp blade.

3. BlackWash Finish

Talking about the blade of this knife includes the use of a special coating called BlackWash finish that allows it to look more attractive and strong. Moreover, it also hides all the construction scratches and wear of this stainless steel body.

I am sure that it would also impress you as well. Because this special coat cover allows the knife to reflect the excess light and keep a dark and aesthetic look permanent on the knife. Therefore, make sure to try it once and get the best output results.

4. Olive Anodized Handle

Kershaw Bareknuckle comes with an olive anodized aluminum handle made from 6061-T6 aluminum. By anodizing the aluminum, a protective layer is added to its surface, which increases its durability and resistance to wear and corrosion.

Moreover, The olive color of the handle provides an eye-catching and distinctive color scheme that sets the Bareknuckle apart from other knives. Moreover, it also has a greater grip and comfort as compared to other knives.

5. Reversible Deep-Carry Pocket Clip

With the Kershaw Bareknuckle, you can carry it in a variety of ways with the reversible deep-carry pocket clip. You can attach the pocket clip to the knife handle to allow you to easily access the knife from your pocket or belt.

Since the knife sits low in the pocket thanks to the deep-carry clip, it is more discreet and secure. For me, this knife is the best option in both standard and pocket knife forms. So, be sure to give it a try and find out its amazing capabilities.


  • Easy to handle with a single hand.
  • Amazing Lock-up mechanism.
  • Incredibly stylish Blackwash coated Blade.
  • Anodized handle with attractive color schemes.


  • Uses the Sandvik 14C28N which might not be durable.
  • The long blade might be difficult to handle.
  • Not designed for all users.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the differences between Kershaw bare-knuckle vs matrix?

The Kershaw Bareknuckle and Kershaw Matrix are both high-quality knives with similar designs and features. The main difference between the two is that the Bareknuckle has a Sub-Frame Lock and an olive anodized handle.

While the Matrix has a liner lock and a black handle. Ultimately, the choice between the two will come down to personal preference and intended use.

Is the Kershaw Bareknuckle discontinued?

I regret to inform you that this item has been discontinued. However, you can still find them at different stores near you.

How much is Kershaw Bareknuckle 7777?

Bareknuckle 7777, for example. The Zero Tolerance 0777 is the inspiration for this new knife, which honors the classic design while offering a slimmer profile and upgraded materials. Can you guess what the retail price is? Yes, that is correct, approximately $73.

Final Verdict:

In this Kershaw Bare Knuckle review, I have shared my thoughts and experience of using this special knife. I started off with its amazing & highly versatile features which included strong blades, an incredible knife opening & locking mechanism, and amazing anodized handles that are easy to hold along with their multiple color schemes.

Moreover, I have shared all the major pros and cons of these special knives that would help you greatly in purchasing them. In the end, I hope that you can easily find the best product for yourself to easily perform all indoor and outdoor actions.


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