Kershaw vs Benchmade |5 Major Differences & Comparison

In Kershaw vs Benchmade knife blades, you’ll find numerous differences and similarities according to their amazing features and versatile functions. However, both these special blades are well known for their design, price, versatility, and durability to a great level along with their amazing capabilities in both indoor & outdoor functions.

Mainly, the Kershaw blades are well known for their incredible designs and affordability. Meanwhile, the Benchmade blades have a premium quality that includes the use of the best materials and it separates it from all other blades. Moreover, through this article, you’ll also find out the main differences in Kershaw vs CRKT knife blades.

Kershaw vs Benchmade – 5 Major Differences:

Both these blades have numerous similarities. However, they can only be distinguished based on their differences. Therefore, in this article, I have shared the major 5 points that would allow you to learn more about both these blades without getting confused about their similar features and functions.

1. Blade History

Let’s start with off the Kershaw blades. As they were first made in 1974 in Oregon, USA. Moreover, they quickly gained popularity due to their incredible quality and innovative designs that attracted a lot of people.

On the other hand, the Benchmade company was founded in 1988 in California, USA. It gained its fame with the help of its incredible craft, design, and the use of top-quality materials in its construction. Overall, the Kershaw blades are more popular as the company is older and therefore, it wins this historic battle.

2. Blade Designs

The Kershaw blades are considered more practical and utilitarian. These knife blades are pretty thin and sharp with drop-point edges and tips. Moreover, they are sharper and can be used to slice tough things into thin pieces with a little force.

In contrast, the Benchmade blades are made from thin materials having lightweight. Therefore, it is pretty simple to handle them. Moreover, they are incredibly famous for their sleek and professional designs that allow users to use these special knives for both indoor and outdoor activities.

Thus, I think in terms of designs, these Benchmade knife blades have no opposition to stand against.

3. Build-Quality

Mainly, both of these knife blades allow easy usage and functions for the users. However, if you ask me to choose the blade with the best build quality. I’ll pick the Benchmade blades in no time as it involves the use of premium quality materials to make such blades.

For instance, it uses steel like G10 that can easily last long for a greater time without getting damaged and spoiled from the outer conditions and materials. Moreover, in the case of Kershaw blades, the quality has a little lower level as compared to the Benchmade knives.

As it includes the use of 8Cr13MoV steel and glass-filled nylon handles which are a little less durable than the Benchmade blades. However, they can still last for a longer time and provide the most accurate output results.

4. Price Limit

In terms of the price limit, the Kershaw knives take up the lead. As they are more affordable and easy to buy as compared to Benchmade knife blades. These knives can be afforded in a price range of $100 with multiple features and extra accessories.

However, the Benchmade blades are a little expensive due to their incredible composition and the ability to last for a long time. They can be bought for about $150. Moreover, I would always recommend the use of these Benchmade blades due to their incredible quality and they will help you in all outer and inner actions.

5. Customer Ratings

Last but not least, let’s discuss the major factor of rating according to the reviews that users leave after buying and using such knives. Thus, after reading all such reviews, I came to discover that Benchmade knives are more useful and have more position reviews ranging between 4.5 to 4.8\5.

Moreover, the Kershaw blades have a little less demand and position reviews. As they have a review rating between 4.2 to 4.5\5. However, you can still try it for incredible functions as it would never let you down.

Kershaw & Benchmade vs Other Popular Blades:

Here are the major blades that can be a great alternative for these Kershaw & Benchmade blades. So, be sure to read the below headings till the end.

  • Benchmade vs CRKT

Both these brands are pretty popular in making high-quality knife blades that can easily last for a longer time. However, I would Benchmade is better than CRKT, as it includes the use of premium and special quality materials in its amazing composition.

  • Benchmade vs Spyderco

The Spyderco blades are well known for their innovative designs and functions. However, still, the Benchmade blades are more versatile than them in terms of designs, functions, features, and price rates.

  • Benchmade vs Microtech

Here Benchmade is also more versatile than Microtech. Because it has more durable and unique quality and design than these Microtech blades. But, I would say that you should try both of them, especially the Microtech blades due to their amazing features and functions.

  • Kershaw Blur vs Benchmade Griptilian
Legendary Life

The Kershaw Blur is designed with everyday use in mind, featuring a durable and versatile blade. The Benchmade Griptilian, on the other hand, is designed with ergonomics in mind, with a comfortable handle that provides a secure grip.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Are Kershaw knives good quality? 

The Kershaw knives are well-known for their incredible quality. They include the use of high-quality steel and grips that allow the users to use these special blades for both outer and inner house purposes.

Is Benchmade or Spyderco better? 

I would say that Benchmade blades are better than these Spyderco ones according to my experience of using both these blades. However, this is due to the premium-quality materials used to make these special Benchmade blades.

Why is Benchmade so expensive? 

Benchmade includes the use of high-quality materials in their construction. For instance, their body is only made from G10 steel and polyester-coated grips. Therefore, they are expensive and you can buy them for about $150.

Final Verdict:

In this article on Kershaw vs Benchmade, I have shared the 5 major factors upon which these special blades can be differentiated. Thus, by the upper comparison, we discovered that these Kershaw blades are famous for their incredible designs and affordability.

However, on the other hand, Benchmade blades are well known for their incredible designs and premium quality materials that are used to make them. Moreover, they have an incredibly high demand.

The reason is, they are more durable, accurate, efficient, and better as compared to the Kershaw blades. So, be sure to give it a try along with the Kershaw blades as they are also good and can last for a long time in terms of versatility.


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