Kershaw vs CRKT|Top 2023 Products With Major Differences

kershaw vs crkt

In Kershaw vs CRKT, the biggest differences are their build quality, price factor, and blade designs. As Kershaw knives are well-known for their high-quality blade steels with unique & innovative blade designs that easily last for a longer time just like in Sandvik and VG-10 knives as compared to these CRKT products.

Nevertheless, these CRKT knives are also pretty good in terms of their product guarantee and origin history. Therefore, in this article, I’ll be sharing all the major details about these 2 knives that may help you learn about the Kershaw Knives easily along with the versatility & reliability of CRKT knives.

Top 5 Kershaw Knives Of 2023 That Are Perfect For Future

ModelBlade Length (inches)Blade MaterialHandle MaterialOpening MechanismWeight (oz)Overall Length (inches)Locking Mechanism
Kershaw Leek3Stainless SteelStainless SteelManual, Thumb Stud37Frame Lock
Kershaw Blur3.4Stainless SteelAluminumAssisted, Thumb Stud3.97.9Liner Lock
Kershaw Launch 13.4Stainless SteelAluminumAutomatic3.48.4Push Button Lock
Kershaw Cryo G102.75Stainless SteelG10Manual, Flipper5.56.5Frame Lock
Kershaw Lucha4.6Stainless SteelStainless SteelManual, Balisong5.910.25Latch

1. Kershaw Leek

Kershaw Leek Blade Folding Pocketknife

First up, let me introduce you to the Kershaw Leek. This sleek and elegant companion is the epitome of precision and craftsmanship. Moreover, Its razor-sharp blade effortlessly glides through anything in its path, making it perfect for everyday tasks and outdoor adventures alike. 

The Leek’s smooth one-handed opening system ensures you’ll always be ready for action with a quick flick of the thumb stud. With its sturdy build and reliable locking mechanism, you can trust the Kershaw Leek to stand the test of time, becoming an indispensable tool in your daily life.


  • Sleek and elegant design
  • Razor-sharp blade for effortless cutting
  • Smooth one-handed opening for quick access
  • Sturdy build and reliable locking mechanism


  • May require regular maintenance to keep the blade in top condition

2. Kershaw Blur

Kershaw Blur Black Pocketknife

Next on the list is the Kershaw Blur. This knife means business with its rugged, no-nonsense design. The textured handle provides a secure grip even in the most challenging conditions, instilling confidence and control in every cut you make. 

Whether you’re camping in the wild or tackling tough jobs around the house, the Kershaw Blur will impress you with its ability to handle any task with finesse. Plus, its SpeedSafe assisted opening mechanism ensures you’ll always be lightning fast when needed.


  • Rugged and durable design for tough tasks
  • Textured handle for a secure grip in any conditions
  • SpeedSafe assisted opening for lightning-fast deployment


  • Heavier compared to some other EDC knives

3. Kershaw Launch 1

Kershaw Launch Satin Titanium

Now, let’s talk about Kershaw Launch 1. With its automatic opening mechanism, this knife exudes style and quick deployment, ready to assist you immediately. Launch 1 showcases Kershaw’s commitment to precision engineering, offering a robust and reliable blade that commands respect. 

Moreover, The confidence you’ll feel wielding this piece of art is unparalleled, making it a true standout in your collection.


  • Automatic opening for quick and stylish deployment
  • Precision engineering for a powerful and reliable blade


  • Automatic knives may have legal restrictions in some areas

4. Kershaw Cryo G10

Kershaw Cryo G-10 Pocket Knife

If you’re seeking a tactical edge, the Kershaw Cryo G10 is your ideal companion. This rugged beast boasts a sturdy G10 handle that ensures a secure grip even in the most demanding situations. 

The blade, crafted from high-quality stainless steel, maintains its sharpness through the toughest of challenges. Nevertheless, The Cryo G10 is the epitome of durability, making it an excellent choice for those seeking a knife to trust in the most extreme conditions.


  • Sturdy G10 handle for a secure grip
  • High-quality stainless steel blade retains sharpness
  • Ideal for tactical applications and extreme conditions


  • Not as lightweight as some other pocket knives

5. Kershaw Lucha

Kershaw Lucha Trainer, Butterfly Knife 

Last but not least, let me introduce you to the Kershaw Lucha, a modern marvel designed for the art of flipping. Moreover, This butterfly knife is a masterful blend of aesthetics and functionality, offering a smooth and satisfying flipping experience that feels like an extension of your hand. 

As you master the art of manipulation, the Lucha becomes a mesmerizing tool that leaves a lasting impression on both you and those around you.


  • Modern butterfly design for a mesmerizing flipping experience
  • Smooth manipulation and satisfying flipping action


  • Butterfly knives may have legal restrictions in some regions
  • Requires practice and skill to master flipping techniques

Top 5 CRKT Knives That You Can Choose In 2023:

ModelBlade Length (inches)Blade MaterialHandle MaterialOpening MechanismWeight (oz)Overall Length (inches)Locking Mechanism
CRKT Drifter2.875Stainless SteelStainless SteelManual, Thumb Stud3.26.5Liner Lock
CRKT M16-01KZ3.00Stainless SteelAluminumAssisted, Carson Flipper3.67.125Liner Lock
CRKT Razel3.25Stainless SteelStainless SteelManual, Dual Thumb Studs6.37.75Liner Lock
CRKT Provoke EDC2.41D2 SteelAluminumKinematic, Folding ‘Karambit’6.17.25Kinematic Lock
CRKT Onion Throwing Knives5.6365Mn Carbon SteelStainless SteelFixed Blade (Throwing Knives)3.49.13N/A (Fixed Blade)

1. CRKT Drifter

CRKT Drifter EDC Folding Pocket Knife

The CRKT Drifter embodies simplicity and functionality at its finest. Among such Best CRKT knives, With its stainless steel blade, this knife proved to be a reliable companion for everyday tasks. In addition, Its smooth opening mechanism and secure liner lock instilled confidence in my handling, making it perfect for both novice and experienced users. 

Moreover, The Drifter’s no-nonsense design was a testament to CRKT’s expertise in crafting practical and trustworthy tools. However, from the above table, you can learn more about Kershaw Leek vs CRKT Drifter, Kershaw Blur vs CRKT M16, Kershaw Cryo G10 vs CRKT Razel, and Kershaw Lucha vs CRKT Onion Throwing Knives.


  • Simple and functional design for everyday use
  • Reliable stainless steel blade
  • Smooth one-handed opening with secure liner lock


  • May lack the tactical features of some other models

2. CRKT M16-01KZ

CRKT M16-01KZC Folding Pocket Knife

The M16-01KZ exudes a tactical aura that immediately caught my attention. Furthermore, The tanto-style blade, crafted from quality materials, showcased CRKT’s commitment to precision and durability. It’s assisted opening with the Carson Flipper made one-handed deployment swift and seamless. 

As I held this knife in my hand, the textured handle provided a secure grip, ensuring I could trust it even in challenging situations. The M16-01KZ undoubtedly displayed CRKT’s professionalism in catering to the needs of knife enthusiasts like myself.


  • Tactical tanto-style blade for versatile use
  • Assisted opening with Carson Flipper for swift deployment
  • Textured handle for a secure grip in challenging situations


  • Tanto blade may not be ideal for precision cutting tasks

3. CRKT Razel

CRKT Razel Fixed Blade Knife

The collaboration between CRKT and Jon Graham was evident in the unique chisel-like blade profile of the Razel. This innovative design set it apart from conventional knives. I was impressed by its versatility, excelling in both cutting and scraping tasks. 

Moreover, The Razel’s ergonomic handle design demonstrated CRKT’s understanding of practicality and user comfort. It was a fine example of how expertise and creativity can combine to produce a tool that is both efficient and distinctive.


  • Unique chisel-like blade profile for cutting and scraping
  • Versatile and innovative design
  • Ergonomic handle for comfortable use


  • May require some practice to fully utilize its unique blade profile

4. CRKT Provoke EDC

CRKT Provoke EDC: Morphing Karambit

The Provoke EDC was a revolutionary marvel that showcased CRKT’s knack for pushing boundaries. Its futuristic appearance immediately sparked curiosity, but it was the functionality that truly amazed me. 

Moreover, The Kinematic opening system, inspired by the ancient karambit, was unlike anything I had experienced before. The blade deployment was swift and intuitive, backed by a robust locking mechanism. CRKT’s commitment to innovation and reliability was evident in this remarkable creation.


  • Revolutionary Kinematic opening system for quick and intuitive deployment
  • Futuristic design with a robust locking mechanism
  • Ideal for self-defense and tactical applications


  • The unconventional design may not be everyone’s preference

5. CRKT Onion Throwing Knives

CRKT Onion Throwing Knives


As I ventured into the world of throwing knives, the CRKT Onion series proved to be a delightful surprise. Designed by the renowned Ken Onion, these knives exhibited exceptional balance and precision. 

Moreover, Each throw was a testament to CRKT’s craftsmanship, and I felt a sense of professionalism in using tools that were meticulously engineered for this unique purpose. Thus, learn about Kershaw vs CRKT quality, Kershaw knife recommendations, CRKT knife recommendations, and Kershaw and CRKT comparison updated guide in 2023.


  • Designed by renowned knife maker Ken Onion
  • Excellent balance and precision for throwing
  • Meticulously crafted for throwing enthusiasts


  • Limited utility for tasks other than throwing

6 Major differences between Kershaw vs CRKT Knives:

In Kershaw vs Benchmade comparison, we discovered all the major features of this amazing Kershaw knife. As a result, we were to be able to find out numerous high-quality features & versatile functions of these blades. Therefore, now I am going to compare it with CRKT knives & then find their major differences.

1. Body Design

Let’s kick off things with a common factor. Both these knives are well known for their incredible designs and functions. However, Kershaw knives have a sleek and thin design that allows them to be used more easily for heavy-duty tasks.

On the other, the CRKT knife design is also quite good. But, as compared to Kershaw knives, it is unable to attract a lot of customers. So, it means that this design battle is won by Kershaw knives and it is now one step ahead of these CRKT special Blades.

2. Price Factor

Well, we really can’t just leave this price factor behind. I discovered that all Kershaw knives are expensive as compared to these CRKT ones after buying all of them. However, the reason for this high price is the amazing features & functions of Kershaw.

As it includes the use of modern technological-based compositional materials that can easily withstand multiple different conditions. Nevertheless, in CRKT knives, this price feature is pretty low as it doesn’t include the use of these high-quality compositional materials.

3. Build-Quality

For me, the winner of this build-quality factor is also this Kershaw knife. This is because it has incredible compositional materials along with a brilliant body design that allows them to last for a longer time.

This is the major reason why collectors & enthusiasts give preference to such Kershaw knives as compared to the CRKT ones. As a result, you can see that Kershaw has no match and it is number one in its features field.

4. Blade Materials

Here is the main feature that allows the users to see the quality of these knives. The blade materials of both these knives are capable to last for a great time. However, if they are placed in the right conditions or else they’ll get rusted.

Kershaw blades are made from stainless steel such as with Damascus and others. Therefore, they are stronger & versatile. However, in CRKT blades. Low-quality materials are used that don’t last very long and easily get rusted.

5. Warranty

There is no doubt that these Kershaw blades are highly versatile and they work for a long time. However, if they are damaged somehow, their warranty is limited. As a result, you won’t be able to replace them after that specific time limit.

On the other hand, CRKT knives have an unlimited warranty. They may last very long, but you can easily replace them with new ones anytime. Thus, it is the 1st time they are somehow more efficient than the Kershaw products.

6. Availability

Kershaw knives are sold in a wider range of stores, including sporting goods stores and knife shops. CRKT knives are primarily sold through online retailers and specialty knife shops. Both of them can be found near you easily.

In the end, I would say that you should try both of them due to their incredible features and functions. As they would allow you to cut or slice through all soft and brittle materials. Thus, make sure to get your favorite Kershaw & CRKT knives today.

Kershaw & CRKT vs Other Popular Knives:

Here are some of the other major knives that I have compared with them. Be sure to read all about them thoroughly till the end.

Kershaw vs Buck:

Kershaw and Buck are both respected knife manufacturers that have been in the business for decades. While they offer similar products, there are a few key differences to consider when choosing between them.

One major difference is the design and style of their knives. Kershaw knives often have a more modern and sleek look, while Buck knives tend to have a more traditional and classic look. Additionally, Buck knives are known for their durability and strength.

While Kershaw knives are favored by collectors and enthusiasts for their attention to detail and high-quality materials. Buck knives are typically made in the USA, while Kershaw knives are manufactured both in the USA and overseas.

Kershaw vs Boker vs Spyderco:

Kershaw, Boker, and Spyderco are all well-known knife manufacturers that produce high-quality products. Each company has a unique style and approach to knife-making, so the best option will depend on individual preferences and needs.

Kershaw knives are often favored by collectors and enthusiasts for their attention to detail and high-quality materials. Boker knives have a more traditional and classic look, while Spyderco knives are known for their innovative designs and blade shapes. In terms of price, Kershaw is generally more affordable than Boker and Spyderco.

Moreover, Boker knives are typically made in Europe, while Kershaw and Spyderco both manufacture their knives both in the USA and overseas. Ultimately, the decision between these three brands will depend on individual preferences for design, style, and budget.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Are CRKT knives good?

Yes, CRKT knives are generally considered to be good quality knives for their price range. They offer a wide range of designs and materials and are known for their durability and functionality.

What are the Best Ken Onion knives?

Ken Onion is a renowned knife designer and has collaborated with several knife manufacturers to produce some exceptional knives. Some of the best Ken Onion knives include the Kershaw Leek, the CRKT Home Front, and the Onion-designed series of knives from Columbia River Knife & Tool (CRKT).

Are Kershaw knives good quality?

An arguably high-quality production balisong. Despite the Lucha’s price, even custom options cannot match its fit and finish.

Final Verdict:

In Kershaw vs CRKT, we discovered that the Kershaw knives are made from the best-quality materials having an innovative & sleek design. Therefore, they easily grab the attention of the users from all over the world. Moreover, they are expensive, but their price depends upon their incredible compositional features & other versatile factors.

As compared to CRKT knives, these Kershaw knife products have high-quality features and have no match in this field. On the other hand, the CRKT knives are good in terms of their history & warranty. As a result, it shows the Kershaw knives are better than CRKT and it has been proven in this article & you should purchase them.


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