Michigan knife laws | Are Double-Edged Knives Legal in Michigan

michigan knife laws

Michigan knife laws are simple and easy to follow in terms of living in a protected way free from all harmful aspects. Michigan allows people to carry all kinds of blades except double-edged knives, so switchblades, machetes, pocket knives, and even butterfly knives are legal.

Nevertheless, you have to follow certain rules and regulations in terms of occupying these knives in this state. For instance, you can not conceal or carry such knives in any federal or government-based place. 

Moreover, all concealing knives other than the hunting ones are considered illegal to carry without any prominent permit.

So, let’s find out which knife is legal to conceal and why.

What Size Knife is Legal to Carry in Michigan?

Michigan does have strict rules about the sizes of such knife blades just like the Texas Knife laws of 2023. You can carry different sizes but with a permit letter from the authorities. 

However, things are pretty different in terms of double-edged blades such as switchblades whose blade lengths are confined only to 3 inches for safety purposes.

According to the 750.227 portal weapon concealing rule, no individual is allowed to carry double-edged knives to all federal and public places. In case of a violation of the rules, she or he must be charged with heavy penalties and even with some lock uptime.

Are Butterfly Knives Illegal in Michigan (Michigan school knife laws)?

Are Butterfly Knives Illegal in Michigan?

Yes, all balisong knives such as Butterfly knives and Different types of switchblades are legal in this state of America. But, in schools, it is strictly disallowed to keep or conceal any type of weapon even for safety purposes. Otherwise, you’ll face charges up to $2000 without a jail time of more than 4 years.

Therefore, knives like dirks, daggers, stilettos, or other stabbing weapons are not considered efficient. Thus, to carry or conceal in any major place according to the rule list of Michigan Knife Laws in 2023. Such as for all Schools and other institutes for citizens.

If we talk about the Michigan automatic knife laws, As I have mentioned above all automatic knives are now legal. It wasn’t until 2021 that the authorities of Michigan disallowed the usage and concealing of these weapons. 

Now, if you are using knives such as switchblades and pocket knives for the right actions, not for illegal actions like Stabbing and robbing people then these knives are 100% legal.

Portal Rules & Knife Limitations:

Law Portal StatuteDescription
750.22Definitions (No specific knife definitions provided)
750.222aDoubled-edged, non-folding stabbing instruments
750.224Manufacture, sale, or possession of certain weapons
750.226Armed with intent to use dangerous or deadly weapon or instrument
750.227Concealed weapons, carrying
750.231Exceptions to various weapon-related statutes
750.237aWeapon-free school zones; violations and penalties
380.1313Reporting and disposition of dangerous weapons found in possession of pupils

Are OTF Knives Legal in Michigan?

Since we are now clean that all automatic knives such as switchblades are legal in Michigan. Yep, Similar to the California Knife Laws with proper actions. Now, let’s discuss the OTF features and their legal status in this state. 

OTF means (Out the Front) as the blades of such switchblades don’t fold in half and prevent such knives from being hidden from security and police officers. Thus, this makes them legal.

However, Switchblades that have blades coming out from both ends and can be folded for quick actions such as stabbing and other crimes are considered illegal. So, if you ask me are double-edged knives legal in Michigan? Well, the answer would be a Big (NO).

As a result, they are placed in double-edged knife sections and people have been informed about their dangers.

Legal & Illegal Knife Types In Michigan – Penalties For Violations:

Legal & Illegal Knife Types In Michigan
Type of KnifeLegal/IllegalRelevant LawPenalties for Violation
Folding Pocket KnivesLegalN/A (No specific statewide limit)Fines from $500 to $1000 with a lockup for 1 year
Hunting KnivesLegalN/A (No specific statewide limit)Fines from $500 to $1000 with a lockup for 1 year
Fixed Blade KnivesLegalN/A (No specific statewide limit)Fines from $500 to $1000 with a lockup for 1 year
SwitchbladesLegalMCL 750.226a (Restrictions lifted)Fines from $700 to $1500 with a lockup for 1 year
Double-Edged KnivesIllegalMCL 750.226a (Switchblade statute)Fines from $1000 to $5000 with a lockup for 4 year
Balisong/Butterfly KnivesLegalN/A (Not specifically regulated)Fines from $500 to $1000 with a lockup for 1 year

Michigan State Police Knife Laws:

Video From YouTubeRay Law Criminal Defense Attorneys

The authorities of law such as the Police are allowed to arrest anyone at any place. In case they are trying to violate the rules of this state. As you might have seen on the internet and TV cables the police are continuously enhancing the awareness among the citizens. And trying to spread the information about the harms of such weapons.

Therefore, it would be best to not carry such weapons unless you live in a place where you do have some security issues. Otherwise, you can easily call 911 anytime and inform the police about any situation you are going through.

Can You Carry a Machete In Your Car In Michigan?

No, it is not legal to carry a Machete in your car. All knives that have a blade length of more than 3 inches are not allowed to be concealed even in your cars except pocket knives that you carry in the pockets. 

So, be sure to know about the rules before trying to conceal any sword, Machete, or even dagger. Such as in your cars from one place to another in Michigan. If we talk about Michigan knife laws for minors. You can carry only hunting knives that are the size of pocket knives until you are 18. Thus, you can get your license for other major knives.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

What knives are illegal in Michigan?

Knives like Daggers, Machetes, double-edged switchblades, Swords, and all other major Double-edged knives over a blade length of 3 inches are considered illegal according to the Michigan Knife Laws of 2023.

Can you open carry in Michigan?

You must be 18+ in order to carry any type of major knife openly in Michigan. Moreover, you must have a prominent government-authorized permit letter such as a weapon concealing license to carry such weapons anywhere in the state.

How many guns can you own in Michigan?

According to the list of Law rules in Michigan. You are allowed to have all types of guns in your arsenal. It means there are no restrictions about having your favorite guns but with a proper license.

Closing Things Up:

According to the Michigan Knife Laws of 2023, you are allowed to carry all types of hand weapons such as pocket knives, Hunting, and switchblades. There is a restriction about the double edge features of knives which might be used for criminal activities. Therefore, they are banned from being carried or concealed in both public and federal places.

Moreover, you are allowed to carry all other types of knives when you are over 18 with a proper license. Keep in mind that all the given information has been shared according to the regular rules of Michigan using Official Sites and people talks from Reddit and Quora. 

Thus, Violating any rules of the state can cause heavy penalties like jail time and fines up to $1000. So, keep yourself and others safe and share this information with all your friends and family for safety purposes.


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