Minnesota Knife Laws 2023:

minnesota knife laws

Carrying a knife is becoming more popular in Minnesota, as it is powerful and easy to use as a tool for self-defense. Minnesota is one of the safest states in the USA, the one thing that makes him lenient is their knife laws. 

According to these knife laws, “You can carry and own any type of knife that you want, there is no restriction on carrying and possession of knives. 

But in Minnesota, there is not allowed to carry automatic knives such as switchblades, unlike Missouri knife laws. It is illegal to carry such types of knives and the victim caught involved in such unlawful activity should be strictly punished.

What Is Minnesota Knife Length Law (Limitation)?

In Minnesota, there is no restriction regarding the blade length of a knife. This means the residents and visitors can carry and own any type of knife whatever the size of the knife is. 

Whether the size of the knife is longer than the sword or smaller than a pocket knife, one important thing that keep in mind is that you can’t carry any knife with you in courthouses and certain state buildings (MN Statute 609.66 Subd).

Type of KnifeLegal Status in Minnesota
Folding Pocket KnivesGenerally legal, as long as the blade length is under a certain limit (usually around 4 inches).
Fixed-blade knivesLegal for most purposes, but carrying concealed or with intent to harm may be regulated.
Balisong (Butterfly) KnivesLegal to own but may be regulated or prohibited for concealed carry or use as a weapon.
Automatic (Switchblade) KnivesLegal to own and possess but may have restrictions on carry or use.
Bowie KnivesGenerally legal, but carrying with intent to harm may be regulated.
Dirks, Daggers, StilettosLegal to own but may have restrictions on carry or concealed carry.
Throwing Stars and Ninja StarsGenerally legal for private possession but may be restricted for concealed carry or use as weapons.
Brass KnucklesTypically illegal to own or carry in Minnesota.
Ballistic KnivesGenerally illegal in most states, including Minnesota.

1. Minnesota Automatic Knife Laws

Automatic knives such as “Switchblade” are completely banned and illegal to carry and own with you in Minnesota. You can carry and own any type of knife other than automatic knives. 

It is important to understand why Switchblades are illegal in Minnesota similar to Nevada knife laws of 2023, the reason is that Switchblade is a knife that opens by hand pressure automatically by pushing a button or a device.

2. Are OTF knives legal in Minnesota?

OTF stands for “out of the front”. Yes, it is illegal to carry and own Otf knives in Minnesota. Otf knives are automatic knives with blades sheathed within handles. The major difference between a Switchblade and a spring-assisted knife is that they open automatically on the other side, but the Otf Knife opens on the top side by pushing a button. 

However, Otf knives are also considered Automatic knives like Switchblade, so the same restrictions should be followed that are regarding the Switchblade.

Different Cities Of Minnesota & Their Knife Laws:

1. Duluth MN Knife Laws

In Duluth, some knives are legal like pocket knives and kitchen knives are legal for security purposes. However, Balisong knives and Bowie knives are also legal for self-defense and security purposes, all these knives are legal until your intention is not to harm anybody.

The knives that are illegal in Duluth are automatic knives such as Otf or Switchblade knives. It is illegal to own and carry such types of knives in this city of Minnesota and the lawbreaker should be punished hard if he is caught in such unlawful activities.

2. Rochester MN Knife Laws

Rochester is also the safest city in Minnesota. The main reason for its low criminal activity is its knife laws, Rochester all knives are legal to carry and possess until you do not use these weapons for harmful activities.

The only knives that are illegal in Rochester are Automatic knives, especially Switchblades and Otf knives. These knives are not allowed to be carried and concealed in Rochester.

Other States Around Minnesota & Their Knife Laws:

1. North Dakota Knife Laws

There are a variety of differences between Minnesota & North Dakota knife laws. In North Dakota, it is legal to carry any type of knife, but the length of the knife blade must be equal to 5 inches or shorter which is pretty different to Oregon knife laws for accurate results.

These knives are illegal to carry and own in North Dakota such as switchblades, daggers,  dirks, gravity knives, scimitars, swords, stilettos, or any knife with a blade 5 inches or longer.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

What size knife is legal to carry in MN?

Generally speaking, state law says that knives of any length can be carried. A knife only becomes illegal to carry if intent to harm with it can be demonstrated, and the burden of proof of that is entirely on the state. If a knife is legal to own, it is legal to carry for utility purposes.

What knives are illegal in Minnesota?

Switchblades are the only knives explicitly illegal to possess in Minnesota. It is crucial to understand what a switchblade knife is in the first place to know if what you have is unlawful. Switchblade knives have a blade that opens automatically by hand pressure applied to a button or other device.

Can you use a knife for self-defense in Minnesota?

Firearms, knives, pepper spray, and stun guns or tasers are legal to use in MN, save for certain weapons restrictions such as the following: A person must have a permit to carry before they can carry a firearm in public.

Can I legally carry a sword in Minnesota?

Whoever shall go armed with a dirk, dagger, sword, pistol, or other offensive and dangerous weapon, without reasonable cause to fear an assault or other injury or violence to person, family, or property, may, on complaint of any other person having reasonable cause to fear an injury or breach of the peace, be required.


In the final analysis, all the knives are legal to carry and possess in Minnesota without any major permit or CCW License. But it’s essential to keep in mind that we can carry and own a knife for self-defense and security purposes. 

Moreover, If you are caught in some lawbreaking activity you should be punished strictly and also be fined. The knives that are illegal are Automatic knives; especially Switchblades or Otf knives etc. These are the important points that should be borne in mind by the residents as well as visitors.


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