South Carolina Knife Laws – Are Switchblades Legal in SC

south carolina knife laws

South Carolina is the most populated state in America, with very low crime rates. The reason is that there are powerful knife laws that are followed. Due to these most efficient laws, all people are easy to carry knives for their security.

According to section (24-13-440), there is no restriction in the state to carry all types of knives. But there are very few exceptions related to knives which is that the length of the blade must be shorter or equal to 2 inches. Moreover, knives cannot be carried in primary or secondary schools.

Are Gravity Knives Legal in South Carolina – Open Carry Knife Laws? 

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In South Carolina, there is no limitation on knives, we can carry all knives with us just like the versatile Wisconsin Knife rules of 2023. They impose no restrictions, which means we can buy, sell, or manufacture it in individual companies or industries. So there are no legal repercussions.

Here check out the legal & illegal weapons in South Carolina that can cause several problems for you in case you are unaware of their dangers.

Knife TypeLegal Status in South Carolina
Pocket KnivesGenerally legal to carry.
Hunting KnivesLegal for hunting and outdoor activities.
Folding KnivesUsually legal unless used for illegal purposes.
Fixed-blade knivesLegal for specific purposes such as hunting and fishing.
Butterfly KnivesGenerally legal to own, but carrying may be restricted in some areas.
Switchblade KnivesLegal to own, but carrying may be restricted in some areas.
Ballistic KnivesTypically illegal to possess or carry.
Gravity KnivesGenerally legal to own, but carrying may be restricted in some areas.
Dagger or StilettoLegal to own, but carrying may be restricted in some areas.
DirksLegal to own, but carrying may be restricted in some areas.

Are Switchblades Legal in South Carolina?

Yes, as mentioned above Switchblade knives are legal in South Carolina. Moreover, nearly all types of Switchblades are legal such as Butterfly knives, dirks, daggers, stiletto heels, throwing knives, throwing stars, Bowie knives, large knives, hidden knives, undetectable knives, switch knives, automatic knives, gravity knives are all legal.

However, the law portal numbers do have several limitations for the usage of such weapons. These laws are pretty similar compared to Arizona Weaponry laws & their limitations. Here, check out the important law portal modes and their strict rules & regulations for the usage of these amazing & versatile knife types.

StatuteLegal/IllegalSayingsCharges and Penalties
16-23-405LegalDefinition of “weapon”Confiscation of weapons used in crimes.
16-23-430LegalCarrying weapons on school property; concealed weaponsConcealed carry is allowed unless used with the intent to commit a crime.
16-23-460LegalCarrying concealed weapons; forfeiture of weaponsConcealed carry is allowed unless used with the intent to commit a crime; forfeiture of weapons upon conviction.
16-23-490LegalAdditional punishment for possession of a firearm or knife during the commission of a violent crimeEnhanced penalties for using a firearm or knife during a violent crime.

Can I Carry a Sword in South Carolina?

There is no restriction to carry a sword in South Carolina, but there are some important things to know. Firstly, we know that there is a law that we cannot carry knives greater than 2 inches which means we can carry swords with us, but we can carry them openly. 

Secondly, as the sword is greater than two inches, we cannot hide or conceal it. However, there are still different law portals that restrict the concealment of such weapons. I did make a table on the table, so make sure to check that out as it is given below.

Knife RestrictionsLegal/IllegalSayingsCharges and Penalties
Restricted KnivesNoneNo restrictionsNo specific restrictions on knife types.
Concealed CarryLegalConcealed carry is allowed unless used with the intent to commit a crime.Violation may result in criminal charges. Forfeiture of weapons is possible upon conviction.
Sale or TransferNoneNo restrictionsNo specific restrictions on selling or transferring knives.
Carry in Specific LocationsLegal with exceptionsBlades over two inches are not allowed on school property (except by law enforcement or authorized school personnel). No statewide airport restrictions.Violation may result in criminal charges.

South Carolina OTF Knife Laws – Major Cities:

Many cities in South Carolina have their knife laws For instance Charleston S C knife laws and Greenville S C knife law etc. Once you are familiar with such laws, you can easily apply them in all other cities of SC such as North Carolina as well as Colorado, Knife laws do resemble as they all are neighboring state cities.

1. Charleston S C Knife laws

According to section(21-25. Y30), “It is not allowed to any person in the city to carry or conceal knives more than three inches. It is such an unlawful thing and the person that carries such type of thing can be dealt with very strictly “ 

This section is followed only in Charleston city but it is not followed in other cities like Columbia according to sections (14-102) “There is no limitation of knives, so a person can have any knife which he wants”

2. Greenville S C Knife laws

In Greenville according to section(24-216),” The person is not allowed to hide or conceal the knife which he is carrying with himself. He can carry only in open form or attached to his belt.

Furthermore, the person can carry a knife like a lock blade or sports knife greater than 3 inches. So, another person needs to understand that the device he is carrying is a weapon that is used for his security and self-defense “

3. Myrtle Beach Knife Laws

There is no restriction in carrying any type of knife from one to another place. However, according to the (24-13-440) section, you are not allowed to conceal any knife having a blade length of more than 2 Inches. So, be sure to know about such limitations before entering or leaving Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

States Around South Carolina & Knife Laws 2023:

Many states around South Carolina have their knife laws for instance 

Florida knife law and Georgia knife laws. I have written detailed articles on them already, nevertheless, you can still read about them here in short as well.

1. Florida Knife Laws

In Florida, knife laws are different from those in South Carolina. In this state, it is allowed to be carried knives greater than four inches and there is no need for any license to conceal a knife in a pocket. 

But there is one important thing to keep in mind is that in Florida law ‘ it is illegal to give (besides pocket knives) to a person whose age is less than 18. If there is any violation of this law the arrest warrant should be charged against the victim

2. Georgia Knife Laws

In Georgia, according to the Revised law, there is an increase in the maximum blade length of knives. The range of blade length is 5 inches up to 12 inches, so a person can carry a knife with a blade length maximum of 12 inches and it is legal to carry a knife openly in a pocket with a length maximum or equal to 12. 

For a knife whose length is greater than 12 inches, there is another procedure to carry like the person should have a weapon-carrying license. If there is no license it will be illegal and strict actions should be taken.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Are switchblades legal in Myrtle Beach?

Yes, all cities of South California allow you to carry switchblades as they are legal in this state. However, you can not conceal them in public & federal places unless you fulfill the need of having a proper blade length of about 2 Inches.

Can I take my gun to Myrtle Beach?

You always require a weapon-carrying or concealing license to take your gun to any city in South Carolina. This is the only legal way to own a gun in this state. Moreover, violating such rules would lead to heavy charges & penalties.

What does open carry mean in South Carolina?

Open-carry knives mean you have to display them somehow to people around you. So, they can know that you are armed and prevent attacking you. In this way, you keep yourself safe from all harm without harming anyone around you as well.

Closing Things Up

South Carolina laws are very complex and vary depending on types of the knives. It is legal to carry a knife in South Carolina, but there are some restrictions. For instance, it is illegal to carry a knife whose length is greater than 3 inches and it is also illegal to carry a switchblade or dirk.

In Conclusion, It is important to be aware of all knife laws in South Carolina before carrying a knife. We should be clear about all the things about these laws. So, it is always better to share these amazing laws with your loved ones so they can remain safe & sound without getting themselves into any type of criminal activities.

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