Spyderco Shaman Cruwear |Buying Guide With 5 Features

If you are looking for a unique, versatile, accurate, simple, and flexible knife, then Spyderco Shaman Cruwear can be your best choice. This Spyderco-based pocket knife is well known for its incredible features like lightweight versatile design, aesthetic shape, and color. Therefore, it has a great demand among all knife lovers and enthusiasts.

Just like the Spyderco Endura 4 Wave, this special knife has a great number of facilities that it provides its users. I loved using this knife for a variety of high-quality actions and therefore, in this article, I’ll share my experience of using this knife for multiple tasks.

Features & Functions – Spyderco Shaman Cruwear Review:

Here are the main features you must know about these Spyderco Shaman Cruwear exclusives, M4, Magnacut, Elmax, Micrata, Scales, REX 45, & other in-stock knives for sale at reasonable prices.

Moreover, I also concluded them after purchasing this knife and then using it for a while. However, I have shared these features along with my review in the below lines for you to easily read till the end.

1. Blade Steel

The Shaman Cruwear is crafted from high-performance Cruwear steel, which I absolutely love. I’ve used it extensively, and its exceptional edge retention and toughness have impressed me time and time again. Whether I’m tackling tough cutting tasks or working with precision, this blade of steel never fails to please me.

2. Blade Shape

The drop point blade with a full flat grind is a masterpiece. I’ve found it to be incredibly versatile, allowing me to handle a wide range of cutting applications with ease. The robust tip gives me confidence for piercing tasks, while the full flat grind ensures smooth and efficient slicing. It’s a true workhorse in my collection.

3. Locking Mechanism

The compression lock on the Shaman Cruwear is simply outstanding. Every time I engage it, I feel a reassuring click that signifies the utmost reliability. It’s incredibly easy to operate with just one hand, providing quick access to the blade whenever I need it. I appreciate the peace of mind that comes with such a secure locking mechanism.

4. Handle Material

The handle of the Shaman Cruwear is constructed with textured G-10 scales, and it’s an absolute joy to hold. The combination of its lightweight nature and superb grip has made it my go-to knife for outdoor adventures. Even in wet or slippery conditions, the handle provides a solid and comfortable hold, ensuring precise control and reducing any hand fatigue.

5. Ergonomic Design

This knife was ergonomically designed by Spyderco. Despite its shape, the handle is extremely comfortable to hold for long periods. Whether I’m undertaking demanding tasks or delicate maneuvers, the knife feels like an extension of my hand. The thoughtfulness put into its design makes it a pleasure to work with.


  • Cruwear steel retains edge and is tough.
  • A versatile drop point blade with a full flat grind.
  • Ensures blade lockup with reliable compression lock.
  • G-10 scales with a comfortable and grippy handle.
  • A comfortable, fatigue-free grip.
  • Pocket clip with four positions for versatility.
  • One-handed deployment with thumb hole.
  • Cutting performance with a substantial blade.


  • Comparatively expensive.
  • Knife weight may be a concern for some users.
  • Handles might not fit well for smaller hands.

Buying Guide – Spyderco Shaman Cruwear:

Here are some other major points that you must know before buying these special pocket knives. Make sure to read their special features first from the above list.

  • Pocket Clip: It is a game-changer to have a pocket clip with four positions. I love the versatility it offers. Being able to choose between tip-up or tip-down carry on either side of the knife gives me the freedom to adapt to different situations and preferences. It’s a small but impactful detail that adds convenience to my everyday carry.
  • Thumb Hole: The round thumb hole on the Shaman Cruwear is a fantastic feature that I’ve come to appreciate. It allows for effortless and lightning-fast one-handed deployment of the blade. I can easily open the knife with a simple flick of my thumb. It’s an intuitive and satisfying mechanism that never fails to impress me.
  • Blade Size: The substantial blade size of the Shaman Cruwear is perfect for my needs. A great balance between versatility and practicality is achieve by its length of about 3.6 inches (9.14 cm). Due to its thickness and width, this blade provides excellent strength and durability. It’s a reliable companion that has become an essential part of my everyday carry.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How good is CPM Cru wear?

In comparison with AISI D2, CPM CRU-WEAR provides superior wear resistance. Most conventional tool steels lack CPM CRU-WEAR’s toughness. By lowering the hardening temperature, grain size is reduced and toughness is increased. Most conventional tool steels.

How much is a Spyderco Shaman Z wear?

Talking about Spyderco Shaman Cruwear, The MSRP of this product is $320.00. One of the most popular Sprint Runs is Spyderco’s Shaman with Micarta scales and a CPM® CRUWEAR® blade.

Where is the Spyderco shaman made?

We have invested in a state-of-the-art factory facility here in Golden, CO to manufacture Spyderco USA-Made knives. We are committed to producing the most innovative, reliable, and high-performance products in the industry at our factory.

Are Spyderco knives strong?

A limited edition offering from Spyderco, the Shaman 15V is made from sturdy, reliable materials. The 3.58″ stonewashed blade uses CPM 15V steel, known for its durability.

Final Verdict:

Having forged a bond with Spyderco Shaman Cruwear, I can confidently say that it has exceeded my expectations and become an integral part of my everyday life. Its exceptional Cruwear steel, with its remarkable edge retention and toughness, has consistently impressed me during countless cutting tasks.

Moreover, The drop point blade’s versatility, coupled with the full flat grind, delivers precision and efficiency in every stroke. The handle, meticulously designed with textured G-10 scales, fits my hand like it was custom-made, providing unmatched comfort and a secure grip. The compression lock mechanism instills unwavering confidence, ensuring that the blade remains steadfastly locked in place.

And the thumb hole, a testament to thoughtful engineering, grants me swift and seamless access to the blade with a flick of my thumb. While it may come with a higher price tag and slightly more weight, the Shaman Cruwear’s undeniable quality and reliability make it a worthwhile investment. It has become an irreplaceable companion, standing as a testament to Spyderco’s dedication to craftsmanship and attention to detail.


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