Florida Knife Laws-Updated 2023

florida knife laws

The knife laws in Florida are simple and to the point to protect civilians from different harmful actions. In Florida, you are allowed to carry and conceal any type of fixed-blade knife or Knives that don’t fold or Double-edged knives such as pocket knives but under a blade length of 4 Inches.

In case you are willing to conceal knives longer than 4 inches. Then you require a proper permit such as a weapon-carrying license to prevent all security issues. Knives with long blades are not banned, but their concealment and use are restricted in public and federal places to protect citizens.

Florida Knife Laws – Law Portal Numbers & Significance:

Statute NumberTitleKey Information
790.001DefinitionsDefines “concealed weapon” and “weapon.”
790.01Unlicensed carrying of concealed weapons or firearmsProhibits unlicensed concealed carry.
790.015Nonresidents with out-of-state concealed licensesAddresses reciprocity for nonresident licensees.
790.06License to carry concealed weapon or firearmEstablishes licensing for concealed carry.
790.062Exceptions for military members and veteransProvides exceptions from licensure for veterans.
790.10Improper exhibition of dangerous weapons or firearmsAddresses improper weapon or firearm display.
790.115Possession/discharge at schoolsProhibits weapons/firearms at school events.
790.17Furnishing weapons to minorsProhibits furnishing weapons to minors.
790.18Sale/transfers to minors by dealersProhibits sale/transfers of arms to minors.
790.225Ballistic self-propelled knivesBans possession, manufacture, or sale of such knives.
790.25Lawful ownership, possession, and useAddresses lawful firearm and weapon ownership.
790.33Preemption of firearms regulationPreempts local firearm and ammo regulations.

What Self-Defense Weapons Are Legal in Florida?

What Self-Defense Weapons Are Legal in Florida?

Just like the Massachusetts knife laws of 2023, Florida has come up with similar tactics for limiting crime rates by restricting weapons. However, there are still several knives and other weapons that are considered legal. But, they are used less in terms of committing crimes in this state of America.

Take a look at this table, I have mentioned all legal weapons on it along with their law portal number which has made them legal.

Self-Defense WeaponFlorida Statute Reference
Firearms (with proper permits)§ 790.06, § 790.065, § 790.052
Pepper Spray§ 790.001
Stun Guns§ 790.01
Batons§ 790.01
Knives§ 790.001
Tasers§ 790.01
Personal AlarmsNot regulated by specific statute

Pocket Knife Laws in Florida – Updated List:

As mentioned above, all types of pocket knives such as switchblades, Butterfly knives, Balisongs, Box cutters, multi-tools, and other automatic knives are legal in Florida. However, their blade size is limited to 4 inches for regular concealment or carrying purposes.

In case you have bought a knife having a blade length of more than 4 inches. Then you do require a proper CCW permit from the authorities. It would make sure that the weapons you are carrying are just for self-defense and that you are harmless to the people around you.

Florida Knife Laws for Minors – Restrictions & Charges:

Just like every other state in America, No one is allowed to have a knife-carrying permit unless he or she is 18. Thus, it is not legal to buy or sell knives without a CCW permit. Yes, You can still have pocket knives if you are under 18 but only for self-defense actions when there is no proper arrangement of security.

This is the major reason you can not conceal such weapons in Schools, Restaurants, and other public and federal places. In case of any violations, you will be charged with heavy charges up to $1000 and even a week in the lockup.

Florida OTF Knife Laws & Exceptions:

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This law is pretty similar to the ones we have discussed in the Michigan knife laws. As Florida allows people to have all types of OTF knives except for ballistic knives. These special knives are limited only to Military use due to their efficiency and power. However, it is still sold in the black market in the USA.

Moreover, according to the Florida Statutes 790.01, all Household items are not considered as weapons. Thus, there are also some strict rules about these knives, such as Butter knives, which have a sharp blade longer than 4 inches and can be used as a deadly weapon. Thus, you must have a concealed carry knife permit for them.

Are Gravity Knives Legal in Florida?

Are Gravity Knives Legal in Florida?

Yep! Gravity is legal here in Florida. In case you don’t know, Gravity knives are special knives with their blades inside the Handles and they open due to the force of gravity. This makes them pretty efficient and unique at the same time. This follows the Open Carry Knife Laws in Florida for proper legal actions.

The only banned knife is the OTF ballistic knife. Meanwhile, all other knives such as Butterfly knives, Throwing Knives, Gravity Knives, and even Switchblades are legal in Florida. In addition, these same knife rules are followed in all cities of Florida. So, if you search for Orange County Florida knife laws, you’ll find the same information.

Is it Legal to Carry a Knife on your Belt in Florida?

Yes, you are allowed to carry all types of knives on your belt here in Florida. Nevertheless, one major condition, is that the blade length of your knife must be under 4 Inches. In case it is not, then you must contact the authorities and convince them to make you a proper weapon carrying a CCW license with a guarantee that it would be used for the right purposes.

This same condition is used for Fixed blade and pocket knife laws in Florida as mentioned above. Remember using these weapons won’t make you cool. Keeping yourself and others safe must be your priority as a responsible citizen.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

What knives are illegal in Florida?

The Ballistic knives are the only illegal knives in Florida. They are used only in Military actions with the advancement of firing the sharp blades over to a certain distance. Therefore, its use is prohibited in public for safety purposes.

What size knife can you carry in Florida?

You can carry knives of all sizes. However, you don’t need a permit if your blade size is less than 4 Inches. Nevertheless, if the blade size is more than 4 Inches. Then you do require a CCW permit for proper actions.

Can I carry a sword in Florida?

According to the Florida Knife laws, you are allowed to carry a sword but with a CCW permit. As its blade length is more than 4 Inches it would hurt people in case it’s not used for the right purposes.

Closing Things Up:

The Florida Knife Laws are pretty simple as they allow citizens to carry all types of knives and other weapons. However, the blade length is restricted only to 4 Inches to protect properly from all harm. Moreover, if you are looking for a blade size of more than 4 Inches then you must give your personal information to the authorities and they’ll provide you with the legal CCW permit.

Nevertheless, Florida has banned only Ballistic knives due to their power and range. As they are used only for Military actions. The best thing to keep yourself secure is to ask the government to enhance the surrounding security. Keeping dangerous weapons and other things in your arsenal can harm someone accidentally.

In the end, make sure to follow the given policies and don’t violate the rules. Otherwise, you’ll face certain issues regardless of your behavior or big name. Be sure to keep yourself and others secure by your presence.

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