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massachusetts knife laws

Massachusetts knife laws are pretty different as compared to the knife laws of other states. Here in this state, you are allowed to own every type of knife with multiple features and designs for various legal activities. But, there are strict restrictions on concealing or carrying these weapons here in Massachusetts.

For instance, all knives such as double-edged knives, automatic knives or switchblades, dirks, daggers, stilettos, ballistic, and knuckle knives are disallowed to be carried. 

Moreover, you can own such knives but if their blade length is more than 1.5 Inch, then they are restricted in this state. Here in this article, I’ll share all major details about the knife laws of this state and how they differ from its neighbor Michigan & Its Knife Laws.

Massachusetts Knife Laws For Fixed Blades:

In Massachusetts, the fixed-blade knife rules are pretty confusing. On at one hand, you are allowed to have all types of fixed-blade knives. But, on the other hand, you are banned from keeping any type of fixed knife blade in your arsenal.

In case you are also getting confused. Let me be clear! The authorities of Massachusetts have banned the buying and selling of such weapons. It means that you can neither buy nor sell these knives. The only way you can own a fixed-blade knife is to purchase it from the authorities with a prominent license.

According to the law of G.L. c. 140, §§ 128 and 131M, No person has the right to carry any kind of dangerous weapon and perform illegal activities through it. So, it is best to keep these laws in mind to prevent all types of troubles and penalties.

Can you Carry a Hunting Knife in Massachusetts?

Can you Carry a Hunting Knife in Massachusetts?

No, you are not allowed to carry or conceal any kind of Hunting knives here in Massachusetts. Moreover, as I have mentioned above you are allowed to own these knives at your home for self-defense actions. This is the best answer for your questions like are butterfly knives illegal in Massachusetts?

But, in public and federal places, you can never carry such knives. For instance, Dirks, daggers, stilettos, ballistic, and knuckle knives along with all switchblades or double-edged knives are banned for regular use as compared to other populated states like California & its knife rules which are pretty decent to prevent all kinds of crimes.

 Massachusetts Sword Laws – Why You Need to Follow Them?

Are spring-assisted knives legal in Massachusetts? As mentioned above, Citizens are allowed to own all types of knives such as Pocket knives, Spring-assisted knives such as Switchblades, and even Dirks, Folding or ITC Knives, and Swords but in their homes. No one is allowed to carry or conceal any of these knives outside their homes.

Moreover, you are also banned from keeping all types of double-edged knives with a blade length of more than 1.5 Inches in your homes. So, make sure to follow these rules and protect yourself and your loved ones from all harm. You can find the same thing on Reddit and Quora as well with proper proof.

Massachusetts Knife Laws Age:

Now, you do know about the possibilities of owning different knives for certain actions. But, do you know about the legal age for buying and keeping such knives? Well, according to the rules of America, No person is allowed to buy, sell, keep, or conceal knives until he or she is 18 or 18+.

At first, the government will try its best to keep you safe and sound. In case you are not satisfied, then they’ll provide you with a permanent weapon license which would help you carry or conceal different types of knives.

City Rules of Massachusetts – Violation Penalties with Law Portals:

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LocationLegal KnivesFines for Illegal UseRelevant Laws or Regulations
Boston, MALegal to own common pocket knives, utility knives, and hunting knives for legitimate purposes. Some restrictions on switchblades, dirks, and daggers.Fines for illegal use vary based on circumstances.Massachusetts General Laws, Chapter 269, Section 10(b), and local ordinances.
New HampshireLegal to own common pocket knives, utility knives, and hunting knives for legitimate purposes. Generally, switchblades and gravity knives are allowed.Fines for illegal use vary based on circumstances.New Hampshire Revised Statutes Annotated (RSA) Title XII, Chapter 159:17, and local ordinances.
MaineLegal to own common pocket knives, utility knives, and hunting knives for legitimate purposes. Some restrictions on switchblades and concealed carry.Fines for illegal use vary based on circumstances.Maine Revised Statutes Title 25, Section 2001-A and local ordinances.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Can I carry pepper spray in MA?

Yes, if you are 18+ then you are allowed to carry Pepper spray. The government itself will provide you with Firearms Identification Card (FID) card in case you are looking for more self-protection around yourself.

How long can a pocket knife be in Boston?

Before the law list of 2023, you were allowed to carry Pocket knives having a blade length of 2.5 inches. But, now this blade size is shrieked down to 1.5 Inches to protect civilians at all costs from dangerous criminal attacks.

Can you have a machete in your car in Massachusetts?

No, Massachusetts authorities have banned the concealing of any type of weapon such as Machetes in cars. Therefore, you are not able to drive a car in this state with such weapons in it. Otherwise, it would be a violation of Massachusetts Knife Laws and you would have to face certain charges for it.

Final Cut:

Talking about Massachusetts Knife laws, you are allowed to own all types of knives such as Stiletto, Dagger, Ballistic knives, Knives with detachable blades, Knives with locking blades that can be drawn at a locked position, Dirks, Switchblades or automatic knives, Slingshots, Metallic knuckles (“brass knuckles”) or anything similar, Nunchaku, Blowgun, Blackjack, Throwing knives, and Zoobows (Kungfu sticks connected with rope, wire, chain, or leather).

However, you can not conceal or carry them in public and federal places. There is a strict restriction on the usage of such knives. Moreover, you can even face several charges in case you are caught with knives having a blade length of more than 1.5 Inches.

These same laws are applied in every city of Massachusetts and violating such laws can cause serious problems for you. Therefore, be sure to keep yourself and others safe by doing the right actions here in this amazing state of America.


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