Maryland Knife Laws (Complete Updated Guide)

maryland knife laws

Maryland is another amazing population state of the USA, filled with natural resources and incredible citizens. In the past few years, the law enforcement in this state has done pretty well in terms of reducing the crime rates as compared to the 80s and the 90s era.

According to the Maryland Knife laws, every person is capable of defending themselves by carrying different knives. This state has no restrictions on the blade sizes of the knives. Therefore, its laws are a bit different as compared to other states such as Illinois Knife and weapon concealing laws.

What Are Maryland Knife Laws For Blade Length?

Is it legal to carry a knife in Maryland? Maryland does have proper rules according to the specific blade length limits. As a result, every person has the right to carry different-sized knives such as swords, Machetes, and other Folding knives except for switchblades and gravity or ballistic knives which are banned.

But remember folks, these large blade knives are placed in the category of weapons. Therefore, they do have strong county rules that you must follow. Using them to harm other citizens would cause serious issues for you and your family.

1. Fixed Blades

In Maryland, you are allowed to carry all types of fixed-blade weapons such as dirks, daggers, and even Machetes. Moreover, this state also supports the carrying of pocket knives (Folding knives) such as Penknives. These are special double-edged knives that can be folded in half.

However, its major types such as spring-associated Switchblades and Gravity are legal to own but illegal to conceal. No doubt, you can carry them openly just like other knives but you are banned from concealing them in public and federal places. Here take a look at what knives are legal and illegal in Maryland.

Knife TypeLegal StatusRestrictionsCharges/Penalties
Folding Pocket KnifeGenerally LegalNoneN/A
Hunting KnifeGenerally LegalNoneN/A
Butterfly Knife (Balisong)Generally IllegalConcealed carry prohibitedUp to 3 years imprisonment and/or fine
Switchblade KnifeGenerally IllegalConcealed carry prohibitedUp to 3 years imprisonment and/or fine
Dagger/Dagger-like KnifeGenerally Legal (with limits)Concealed carry with intent to harm prohibitedUp to 3 years imprisonment and/or fine
Stiletto KnifeGenerally Legal (with limits)Concealed carry with intent to harm prohibitedUp to 3 years imprisonment and/or fine
DirksGenerally Legal (with limits)Concealed carry with intent to harm prohibitedUp to 3 years imprisonment and/or fine
Bowie KnifeGenerally Legal (with limits)Concealed carry with intent to harm prohibitedUp to 3 years imprisonment and/or fine

2. Open Carry Knife Laws

Just like the Knife rules of Florida, you are allowed to carry nearly all types of knives openly. However, there are some limitations to their concealment. 

Moreover, You are not allowed to keep these knives to yourself in highly guarded places which applies the same to the Ocean City, Maryland knife laws. As it means that you are most likely to hurt someone either intentionally or accidentally.

Moreover, the county rules of the state which are given below do say that keeping yourself extra protected can also result in harming other people. 

3. Sword Laws

As mentioned above, all swords, daggers, Dirks, and Machetes are legal here in Maryland. Nevertheless, these long-blade weapons must be covered with their legal and certified sheaths so they may look legal. In case you don’t have sheaths, then such knives will be considered weapons and you might have to pay charges to get rid of them.

4. Knife Laws for Minors

For minors, any teenager under the age of 16 is strongly banned from concealing any knife other than a 3-inch pocket knife. Moreover, the minors can also not carry such knives during the first hour of sunrise and the first hour of sunset.

Because, at this time the local police have their shifts. Therefore, they can’t change their locations and search for minors in case anything bad happens to them. Remember, it’s for your own safety.

Are Virginia Knife Laws Related to the Laws of Maryland?

Are Virginia Knife Laws Related to the  Maryland Knife Laws?

People often get confused about the similarities and differences between these two neighboring states of the USA. In Virginia, knives are banned in all major public and federal places like airports, schools, and even courthouses except pocket knives with a blade length of more than 3 inches.

Moreover, 18.2-308 and 18.2-308.1 law portals suggest that it is illegal to buy, sell, export, and import all types of weapons in Virginia. It might be because this state has been ruined by illegal Western gangs for a long time as they become a permanent reason for smuggling illegal weapons throughout Virginia. As a result, these rules of Virginia weaponry have done pretty well in terms of limiting these gang raids.

D.C Knife Laws – Which Knife is Illegal In D.C:

In case we are talking about one of the biggest states of the U.S. Here it is, the amazing and populated state of Washington D.C. All types of knives except for switchblades are legal in this state. Moreover, you don’t need a proper permit to carry or conceal them in different cities of this state.

However, the blade length in D.C. is restricted to 3 Inches. It means you are banned from carrying a knife having a blade size of more than 3 Inches. In case of any violations, you might end up in jail for about 2 years along with a $1000 fine.

Delaware Knife Laws & Restrictions:

Delaware is another state of the U.S. at the corner of the Atlantic Ocean bordering Pennsylvania and Maryland. This state provides citizens with a proper CCW knife concealing or carrying permit which allows them to own and use different types of knives for several actions.

Nevertheless, if you don’t have a CCW license, then you can only carry or conceal a pocket knife whose blade length must be limited to 3 Inches. So, make sure to know about such restrictions & prevent yourself from all major issues. These laws are supported by the Delaware knife law portal list of 2023 which makes them pretty important to remember and follow.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What knife is legal to carry in Maryland?

A penknife (Folding knife) other than switchblades and gravity knives which are Automatic knives are considered legal here in Maryland.

What size knife can you carry in Maryland?

According to Maryland Knife laws, all knife blade sizes are legal to carry or conceal. But, you do have to follow the county rules for such weapons.

Is pushing someone to assault in Maryland?

Yes, it comes in the 1st degree attack. Thus, you might face charges and even 1 year in jail for your rude behavior.

Closing Things Up:

Maryland Knife laws and rules suggest that every citizen has the power to protect him or herself from all attacks. Therefore, all knives are considered legal here in this state that can be folded and concealed in pockets except for Switchblades, Ballistic, and Gravity knives which work on the Automatic functions and are pretty harmful.

Moreover, the rules are kept pretty simple for minors. They are allowed to carry pocket knives for their self-defense as well to the age of 16. Now, you can see the difference in the laws in this state as compared to the others. So, make sure to follow all the given rules and prevent yourself from all major penalties and charges.

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