Missouri Knife Laws 2023 – Are Butterfly or Hunting Knives Illegal:

missouri knife laws

Knife laws vary from state to state in the USA, Missouri is one of the most lenient states in the USA. Missouri is also considered to be the safest state in America, the thing that makes it safe is its strict and effective laws. 

According to Missouri Knife laws “It is legal to own and carry all types of knife wherever you want there is no restriction on it”. But when it comes to concealing the knife it is illegal in Missouri whether you are a citizen or a visitor. It is illegal to conceal a knife in the pocket or in the vehicle.

What are Open Carry Knife Laws In Missouri?

In Missouri, there is no restriction on carrying an open knife including a switchblade and pocket knife. Just like Nevada & its weaponry rules, these laws are a little different in terms of their support from the major authorities. 

But the important thing to keep in mind is that the length of the blade of these knives may be equal to or less than four inches.

1. Can You Carry a Hunting Knife In Missouri?

In Missouri Knife Laws it is allowed to carry and possess any knife that you want. But the important point that keep in mind is that these knife laws can vary from locality to locality and from time to time.

Another important point is nevertheless, it is allowed to own and carry knives in Missouri, but there is some restriction regarding these knife laws. You can’t carry any knives in the school, government buildings, or restricted areas.

2. Missouri Automatic Knife Laws

In the past, it was illegal to carry automatic knives in Missouri but in recent years the knife law revised and it is declared that it is allowed and legal to own and carry automatic knives in this state. This same rule follows for South Carolina knife rules of 2023, so be sure to check that out as well.

Moreover, These automatic knives are removed from the list of  “outlaw weapons” and give permission the citizens to own and carry automatic knives such as “switchblades”. However, bear in mind it’s only legal to carry an automatic knife or switchblade as long as it does not violate Federal laws.

Type of KnifeLegal Status in MissouriRelevant Information
Butterfly KnivesLegalBlade length must be equal to or less than four inches.
Switchblade KnivesLegalBlade must be less than 3 inches long.
Hunting KnivesLegalNo specific restrictions, but subject to local laws.
Concealed Carry of KnivesIllegal for both citizens and visitorsCannot conceal a knife in a pocket or vehicle.
Automatic (Switchblade) KnivesLegalMust not violate Federal laws.

Are Butterfly Knives Illegal In Missouri?

When it comes to knife laws in Missouri, these laws are very clear. It is legal to own any knives such as dirks, stilettos, and other slim knives. It is also legal to own Balisong knives, the another name for this knife is “Butterfly Knife”.

But the one that bears in mind is that you can’t conceal any knife whose blade length is longer than four inches or anything that can’t fit in your pocket.

Can A Felon Carry A Knife In Missouri?

No, the felon can’t carry a knife in Missouri. Just like Oregon & its specific rules of 2023. The laws clearly say that a person who is innocent and doesn’t have any criminal record can own and carry knives whatever he wants. 

But if a person is declared as a lawbreaker then it is not allowed and illegal for him to carry any knife with him.

Different States around Missouri and Their Knife Laws:

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1. Kansas Knife Laws

In Kansas, there is a change in their knife laws regarding Knife Size. In the past, there was a restriction on knife size it was not allowed to carry a knife whose blade size was greater than four inches. 

But in recent years this law has been revised and it is declared that a person can carry and own a knife doesn’t matter what the size of the knife is. It may be longer than four inches or shorter, you can also hide or conceal the knives in your pocket.

2. Illinois Knife Laws

In Illinois knife rules, it is legal to carry and own any knives whatever you want. One restriction that bears in mind is that the blade length of the knife is no longer than 3 inches. 

If the length of the blade is longer than 3 inches, then in that case it should be considered illegal you can be arrested.

3. Arkansas Knife Laws

In Arkansas, for instance, there is no restriction on the length of the blade of knives or concealing the knives. This means it is legal to own and carry any knives whatever you want. 

The important thing that keep in mind in Arkansas is the age and location restriction, there are some ages and locations in different cities of Arkansas. In addition, some cities in Arkansas, like Eureka Springs and Forth Smith, have stricter laws than other cities in Arkansas.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

What size knife is legal in Missouri?

When it comes to other knives, the laws in Missouri are very clear. You can’t conceal a knife with a blade that is any longer than four inches or that is classified as anything other than an ordinary pocketknife.

Are switchblade knives legal in Missouri?

The law allows a person to possess and/or carry a switchblade on or about his person if the blade is less than 3 inches long. -Dirks, stilettos, and other slim knives. -Balisong knives, also called butterfly knives. -Undetectable knives that can’t be picked up by metal detectors.

What knives are concealed in Missouri?

 It is illegal to conceal and carry a knife in Missouri. However, if you have a valid concealed carry permit, you can carry your knife anywhere except for schools, churches, government buildings, courthouses, and anywhere else where guns are restricted.

What weapons are illegal in Missouri?

The following are illegal in Missouri and are in violation of federal law (Section 571.020(6)): Machine guns. Short-barreled rifles. Short-barreled shotguns.


In conclusion, in Missouri knife laws there is a variety of regulations regarding the possession, carry, and use of knives within Missouri. While in this state, generally allows individuals to buy and carry most types of knives whatever they want. Residents and Visitors need to be aware of specific restrictions, for instance, age requirements, blade length limits, and restrictions on concealed carry


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