Wisconsin Knife Laws (Updated Guide 2023)

wisconsin knife laws

Wisconsin’s law authorities have impressed many people with their specific knife laws depending on their tiny popularity. These Amazing weaponry-based laws have been set for all ages in order to provide a constantly growing environment for the citizens.

According to the new list of Wisconsin Knife Laws 2023, every person has the right to carry a weapon in case it is not used for criminal activities. Moreover, the legal blade lengths are at least 3 Inches for safety measures that are allowed to be concealed. Meanwhile, large blades are forced to be carried openly.

Check out this article till the end, and explore the rules of this State!

What Knives are Legal to Carry in Wisconsin (Wisconsin knife laws length)?

As mentioned before, all knives are generally considered legal here in this state just like the Arizona knife laws of 2023. However, still there are some exceptions in knife carrying or concealment that are given below. But, more importantly, it is significant to know that such laws do follow the 3-inch blade length rules.

Milwaukee Knife Laws & Its Importance:

Milwaukee is a major city in this amazing State, as it is home to hundreds of thousands of Americans. Here in this city, you are allowed to freely carry or conceal all types of knives & other weapons other than Firearms despite their size, shape, and weight. Therefore, it is considered a great state for legal weapon owning and transportation purposes.

Weapon TypeLegal Status
Pocket KnivesLegal for possession and carrying.
Hunting KnivesLegal for possession and carrying, primarily for hunting.
Folding KnivesLegal for possession and carrying, as long as blade < 5″.
Switchblade KnivesGenerally illegal, with some exceptions for law enforcement and military personnel.
Butterfly KnivesLegal for possession but may be considered dangerous weapons if carried unlawfully.
Throwing Stars/ShurikensGenerally illegal, considered a dangerous weapon.
Brass KnucklesIllegal for possession and carrying.
StilettosGenerally illegal, as they are often considered switchblade knives.
Dirks and DaggersGenerally legal for possession and carrying, but may be considered dangerous weapons if carried unlawfully.
Brass KnucklesIllegal for possession and carrying.
Martial Arts WeaponsLegal for possession and carrying for martial arts training or historical display purposes. May be considered dangerous weapons if carried unlawfully.
FirearmsRegulated by separate firearm laws in Wisconsin.

Open Carry Knife Laws Wisconsin?

All types of knives are allowed to be carried openly. This makes sure that people do have a notice that you are armed. Therefore, they try their best to maintain their distance from you & prevent attacking or hurting you.

Nevertheless, such rules are only limited to open fields like roads and other places. You are still banned from concealing or carrying them in public or federal places like Schools, Restaurants, and even Resorts.

Can a minor open carry in Wisconsin?

Yes, Minors are allowed to carry or conceal different knives such as pocket or hunting knives. Moreover, they must be 18+ in order to carry firearms and other legal weapons with a proper weapon-carrying permit.

Are Switchblades Illegal in Wisconsin? (Butterfly Knife Wisconsin)

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Yes, Switchblades and many other OTF automatic knives are considered illegal here in Wisconsin. As mentioned in the above table, such knives are only limited to military usage just like Ballistic, Butterfly & throwing knives from section AB 148 &149. Therefore, normal NPCs have no use for such weapons unless they have some bad intentions.

Such laws work upon the portal section AB 142. Therefore, police & other authorities can easily charge you fines and you may even go to jail. In other states, like Maryland knife rules allow you to carry Automatic knives but you must have a CCW license to carry them.

Knife Status & Limitations:

There are certain knife rules here in Wisconsin that are forced upon some important law portal numbers. Moreover, such rule numbers allow you to track the basic and important needs you need to prevent their violations. Otherwise, they can easily lead you to a fine of more than $10000 & even a jail time of 6 Months.

Can a Felon Carry a Knife in Wisconsin?

No, you are banned from carrying knives with a felony. This is a serious criminal activity and you will be charged strictly for such actions. Moreover, if you have a knife-carrying CCW license, then your license will be canceled as well.

Knife TypeLegal Status
Restricted KnivesThere are no restricted or prohibited knives in Wisconsin.
Concealed CarryKnives may be carried openly or concealed.
Restrictions on Sale/TransferIt is unlawful to transfer a “dangerous weapon,” which may include certain knives, to a minor under 948.60.
Carry in Specific LocationsKnives are prohibited at all K-12 schools and school premises. Local governments may have additional restrictions at government facilities.
Statewide PreemptionWisconsin law 66.0409 provides statewide uniformity and prevents pretextual violations based on knife possession.

Is it legal to carry a sword in Wisconsin?

Yes, it is legal to carry swords, Pocket knives, Daggers, Dirks, Machetes, and other butterfly-like knives in Wisconsin as well as in the Colorado knife rule book. However, you can not conceal them anywhere as the blade length must be 3 Inches or shorter for such actions. 

Otherwise, you have to openly carry such weapons, so the law enforcers can keep an eye on you. Such same laws follow for hunting, fishing, and even travelling knives. This keeps everyone safe and secure.

Other State Knife Laws Around Wisconsin:

The major states around Wisconsin are also pretty versatile in terms of making sharp and elegant knife laws. Here take a look at them as I have explained all the basic things you need to know before you carry a knife in such states.

1. Minnesota Knife Laws

In Minnesota, you are allowed to keep, carry, conceal, and use any type of knife without any restrictions unless it’s not used for criminal activities. The best thing is you are not banned about any knife blade size, weight, and shape.

2. Illinois Knife Laws

According to the Illinois Knife Laws of 2023, you are only allowed to carry or conceal knives that have a blade length of 3 or shorter than 3 Inches. So, make sure to click this interlink and read all about this amazing state’s knife rules thoroughly.

What Do People Ask (FAQs)?

Is a pocket knife considered a weapon in Wisconsin?

No, pocket knives are not considered weapons as they are used in normal routines. However, some people do consider them as weapons as they are used generally for safety & protection purposes.

Are brass knuckles illegal in Wisconsin?

Yes, carrying Brass nickels is illegal in Wisconsin, and it can lead you to be fined about $10000 and even 2 years in jail.

Can I own a handgun at 18 in Wisconsin?

No, you must be 21 or 21+ in order to carry a handgun in Wisconsin. Moreover, you’ll have to purchase it from the government and they’ll provide you with a certain permit to carry or conceal this handgun.

Closing Things Up:

Wisconsin Knife Laws allow you to carry all types of knives other than the throwing ballistic knives but with a limitation. The blade lengths of such knives must be restricted only to 3 Inches for proper legal status. Moreover, there is no ban depending on the weight, shape, and features of such knives and weapons.

These same laws follow for all the main cities of this state. Therefore, following such laws will assist you greatly in making yourself a responsible citizen. Meanwhile, violating such laws can lead you to felonies and charges up to $10000. So, be responsible and share these rules with your loved ones and keep them secure.


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